Reacting to crises is a losing proposition; it cuts away at your reputation

But too many leaders are caught unprepared for crises. And the cost to companies and people is far too high.

For 25 years, I’ve fought the fires of public crises.

For 25 years, I’ve fought the fires of public crises.

From political campaigns to global Fortune 500 firms…

I’ve seen teams that operate at the highest levels of success continuously lurch from critical moment to critical moment. 

Again and again, I’ve come in as a firefighter. 

Some leaders had built teams that were crisis ready. Others had not, with dire implications. 

Those who handled crises reactively lived with the fallouts: people who trusted them lost their jobs; campaigns and businesses failed; leaders’ professional reputations were scarred. 

When I founded Kith in 2013, it was with a single-minded purpose:

Drawing on everything we’ve tested over decades in the trenches of public crises…

Leveraging the most sophisticated strategies for risk acuity and readiness…

And transferring to clients our very best reputation defense capabilities…

Kith empowers organizations to permanently step out of crisis reactivity.

When you do, you won’t need us for the urgent, expert crisis response Kith is known for. 

You’ll know how to prevent crises and come through public disruptions with your reputation intact. 

And you’ll have Reputation ResilienceTM because you’ve invested in growing your credibility with stakeholders.

That’s when we’ll know we’ve succeeded.

Until then, we’re here for you.

Bill Coletti


Kith is a boutique crisis communication and reputation defense firm

Operating out of Austin, Texas, we bring specialized expertise to leadership teams of US and global companies.

Kith’s sole focus: to defend corporate reputations in times of crisis — and grow Reputation ResilienceTM in times between.

Our firm is a nimble team of battle-tested crisis experts, with experience protecting the reputations of some of the world’s best-known companies.

Kith Leadership Team

Bill Coletti


People find us on their worst day. They’re in the flashpoint of a crisis they wish they could have avoided or been better prepared for. And they’re desperate for urgent help. At Kith, we can be nimble enough to come alongside within hours and start putting out the fire. But our purpose is to leave our clients stronger than they were before.

Kith founder, Bill Coletti is a crisis communications and reputation defense expert, keynote speaker, Wall Street Journal Risk & Compliance panelist, and best-selling author of Critical Moments: The New Mindset of Reputation Management. 

He has more than 25 years of global experience managing high-stakes crises, issues management, and media relations challenges for clients including Amex, AT&T, College Board, Essilor, American Airlines, Valencia College, Cargill, and political campaigns. 

Before founding Kith in 2013, Bill co-led the Global Risk Management and Crisis Communications Practice for Hill+Knowlton Strategies. 

He created Kith to provide customized crisis solutions with the degree of personal dedication only a boutique agency can deliver.

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Jeff Blaylock

Vice President

Joining Kith in 2018 meant reuniting with one of the most experienced, recognized and trusted authorities in our field.

Bill isn’t just trusted for his thought leadership and IP on crisis and reputation. He’s trusted because he truly cares about clients and that’s part of Kith’s culture.

At Kith, I get the opportunity to help people on their worst days by helping them put out the fires and calmly pointing the way forward. ‘This is how we’re going to get through.’ 

I’ve always said I only look smart because people keep asking me questions I know the answers to. 

And what I know is how to move out of crisis reactivity; how to solve structural and cultural challenges so leaders can address risks, be better prepared to respond to crises and protect their organizations’ reputations..

It’s so rewarding when our IP or thinking becomes part of our clients’ DNA. They’ve taken it to heart, and now they’re better prepared for the next situation.

With nearly 30 years of strategic communications and public affairs experience, Jeff has advised clients from small businesses to Fortune 10 corporations to successfully navigate challenging media environments, political campaigns and reputation-impacting crises. 

For seven years, Jeff served as Managing Director at the respected public affairs firm Public Strategies (now Hill+Knowlton Strategies), where he advised clients on legislative strategies, public affairs campaigns, strategic and crisis communication and reputation management.

Chris Gidez


Communications is about engaging with stakeholders to influence attitudes and actions. I stress the use of measurable means for defining the effectiveness of that engagement.

Chris Gidez is a senior reputation and crisis counselor with more than 30 years of consulting and executive experience in corporate communications. 

He has held senior communications leadership roles at Texaco, Chevron and Caterpillar and as a consultant has worked across numerous industry sectors and with companies in many countries. 

As Executive Vice President at Hill+Knowlton Strategies, he led the firm’s global risk management and crisis response practice, as well as its global energy practice.

At Kith, Chris provides strategic direction for clients, most notably in the areas of risk management and crisis response.

Abigail Faylor

Strategy and Communications Consultant

Kith’s focus on building resilient reputations is what makes it stand out. We help clients effectively manage crises so they can grow.

Abigail is a seasoned strategist in executive communications and thought leadership, crisis communications and reputation management.

Over 20 years, Abigail has held senior communications roles with leading organizations across sectors including healthcare, technology, mobile and social impact. 

She is former Vice President of Corporate Communications at Weber Shandwick and has worked with public relations and public affairs teams with top global brands.

At Kith, Abigail brings a deep background in global public health issues to clients to ensure the public’s expectations and the strategic goals of the client remain aligned.

Robert (Bob) Ludke

Reputation Consultant

I was drawn to Kith because of its mission to transform companies from crisis-reactive to reputation resilience. It’s very satisfying to see clients become more agile and confident in responding to reputation risks.

Robert Ludke is an experienced reputation management, business resilience communications leader and author of Transformative Markets: Harnessing the Power of Markets for a More Sustainable Future.

Over a 20+ year career, Bob’s work has taken him from the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to Nairobi, Kenya and to Hill and Knowlton as an Executive Vice President and Senior Vice President.

Bob specializes in using data and research to inform public affairs, reputation and crisis communications business resilience strategy.

Rhiannon Gomez

Executive Assistant

I decided to join Kith because of the positive energy in the executive team and the strive for growth.

Rhiannon makes everything behind the scenes at Kith run like clockwork. As Kith’s administrative point person, she handles scheduling and day-to-day operational support for the executive team.

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