What We Do

Kith responds today and transforms organizations for tomorrow.

In the short term, we are called to guide crisis response, and we transform organizations out of a state of crisis into a state of normalcy. 

In the long term, we are called to change organizations’ behavior and mindset about risk, reputation and building a reservoir of goodwill. Transformed organizations have a license to operate from the public and receive the benefit of the doubt when something happens that does not fit the public’s expectations of them.

Kith Transformation Journey 

The Transformation Journey begins with a recognition that an organization is not prepared to protect its reputation from a crisis. Perhaps they experienced a crisis and realized that they need to do things differently the next time. Perhaps they watched a competitor or a similar type of organization go through a crisis and questioned whether they would be able to handle a similar incident. Others decide to be more proactive about mitigating risks and inoculating their reputation against future crises.

Kith’s Transformation Journey proceeds along two tracks: Crisis Readiness and Risk Awareness. Crisis Readiness improves the organization’s capability to respond to a crisis as it unfolds. Risk Awareness improves the organization’s vision about the risks it faces and the ways it can protect its reputation.

The sum of these tracks is reputation resilience. Organizations with resilient reputations have a wide license to operate from the public. They can take risks, enter new markers, offer new products, take principled stands on issues and exhibit industry leadership, confident they can respond to any criticisms. Resilient reputations give organizations the benefit of the doubt from the public when something occurs that does not meet the public’s expectations of the organization or its products and services. Resilient reputations break ties. All things being equal, buyers will choose the organization with the stronger reputation.

Transformed State 

Kith can be your partner to transform your organization into one that is reputation resilient.

Our Services

Accepting poor crisis response is unacceptable. Kith can help access & improve your organizational crisis readiness by creating a streamlined and sustainable process while improving your team’s response skill sets.

Understanding the risks your organization faces doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’ve streamlined the process so you not only understand your risks but feel ready to manage them.

We’ll ensure you’re at your best on your worst days. We’re ready at a moment’s notice to help you navigate the challenges that come with a crisis including media relations, stakeholder outreach, investor relations and internal communications.

Not sure where to start?

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