Pattern Recognition and Crisis Management

What is pattern recognition? Pattern recognition has been around since humans have been around, as it’s one of the more logical ways we make sense of our world. In recent years, it’s gained a bunch more contextual notoriety because it’s deeply tied to image processing, neural networks, machine learning, textual analysis, and other tech stack […]

The Equation For Crisis Success

  We’re not big fans of jumping into the fray with whatever everyone else is writing about at a given time. There’s a lot of digital noise already out in the ether, so why make that worse? We have opinions on the United flight dog, the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica situation, Uber’s self-driving car death, and more. […]

How can universities handle reputational risk better?

Higher education is seemingly in an increasingly perilous spot. As the job market shifts — 47 to 54% of jobs will likely be lost to automation by 2030, or roughly 800 million jobs globally — higher ed also needs to reinvent itself to be more of a value-add in the modern age. Just a few […]

Crafting the Perfect Crisis Simulation

The Best Crisis Simulations Follow a Recipe, Leaving Your Team Better Prepared to React to Crisis   Creating the perfect culinary recipe can take years. Ingredient measurements are carefully calibrated, spices are meticulously added and subtracted, and numerous taste tests occur before the perfect combination is uncovered.   A similar process occurs when developing a […]

3 Questions (and Answers) On CEO Authenticity

By Bill Coletti, CEO, Kith   An interesting question: who’s the most authentic CEO in the world?   Yes, authentic. Authentic as defined by the dictionary is   “Representing one’s true nature or beliefs; true to oneself or to the person identified.”   Or more simply put: REAL.   We’re used to ranking CEOs by […]

Death By Binder

Crisis binders are outdated and a risk to your reputation   By Bill Coletti, CEO, Kith   I’m going to let you in on a secret that may upset my fellow crisis communications experts. Those binders you have on your shelf right now? The ones a consultant charged you and your company thousands of dollars […]

Brick By Brick: Rebuilding Your Reputation Post-Crisis

Why post-crisis is the best time for your company to ideate on its reputation Critical takeaways: Pattern recognition helps communicators anticipate what is likely to happen next Awareness of risks present, past and future helps organizations recover their reputations more effectively Values alignment post-crisis ensures a stronger, more resilient corporate reputation   There’s carnage in […]