I’m on my way back from Austin where I gathered with a group of female founders. We all belong to a group called Fyli (pronounced Fee-Lee). Our purpose is to support female founders as they launch their next big thing.  The idea is that support must be 360 degrees. Need access to an investor? Done. … Read more

An empty chair

COVID changed so many of our lives in dramatic and also small ways. For me, one was watching TV. I’ve never been a huge TV person so I’ve been fortunate to have great programs to watch as I focused on sticking close to home. The other night I started to watch a show called Suspicion. … Read more

Uncle Sam I want you poster

Have you ever stood at the grocery store trying to decide which pasta to buy and thought about the CEO of one pasta company making a political statement? You remember you didn’t appreciate what she said, but you really prefer how that pasta cooks. Or maybe you agreed with her, but their pasta tastes like … Read more

A pack of wolves

Have you ever wondered why some people are always worrying about the next step down the road and others just wait for the problem to happen before dealing with a big mess?  This was the source of a discussion I recently had with a friend who, like me, honed his skills in politics but has … Read more

I bet you remember doing fire drills as a kid in school. Your teachers were trying mightily to get 25 fourth graders (if you are Canadian, grade fours) to follow the predetermined route, in a “calm and orderly fashion.”  You would then proceed to your designated spot and goof off with your friends for 20 … Read more

a muscle car revving up with smoke coming from the wheels

My mom used to point out that I have been through every type of natural disaster except a tsunami. Wildfires and snow storms were a regular occurrence growing up in the Canadian north. My college education was ended by a historic flood. I’ve been through earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes.  I’m not keen about rounding out … Read more

Lens focused on a lake scene

Happy New Year!  2022 is here! By now, the confetti is swept up and champagne glasses cleaned or, if you were like me, your PJs have been put away, and you’ve awoken from a long winter’s nap. Either way, 2021 has been wrung out, and a new year has begun. A fresh start. Except it’s … Read more

Old style cash register

What does it cost to replace a manufacturing plant? How about a flagship store? Fight a lawsuit? How much does it cost to restore your reputation?  These are often the questions we ask when asked why protecting your organization’s reputation is a worthwhile investment. We’re asked to put a price on crisis. We are asked … Read more

Wave building up against dark sky

Last week, executives from all the big oil companies gave sworn testimony to a Congressional committee. Under oath, they were asked if their companies knew that their products contributed to climate change and how long they had known this. Everywhere you turned, the hearing was being compared to the 1994 Congressional hearing credited with changing the national … Read more

Lifeguard station on beach with number 1

When I first started doing crisis management, someone asked me what kind of crisis I handled. I thought that to be an odd question. If you are a patent lawyer, you handle patents not just left-pawed blue schnauzers. If you are a neonatal nurse, you take care of babies, not just right-handed babies from Pittsburgh.  … Read more