Kith's Response to COVID-19

Kith hosted an eight-installment webinar series to help communicators and leaders respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Click the button below to learn more about what Kith is doing in response to the pandemic and to view our COVID-19 resources.

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Kith is a crisis communications and reputation management firm. We respond today and transform organizations for tomorrow.

 In the near term, we help clients respond to a crisis and get their organization out of a state of crisis and into a state of normalcy. In the longer term, we transform the way organizations address risk and protect their reputation so they maintain their license to operate from the public and get the benefit of the doubt when a crisis occurs.


Your organization owns its brand, but the public owns its reputation.

If you are in a crisis today, the key to mitigating long-term damage to your reputation is effective, fast and credible crisis response. We can help.

We can transform you into an organization with reputation resilience and a reservoir of goodwill that protects you from a crisis tomorrow. If you are concerned about whether your organization is ready, we can help.

Assess your crisis readiness today

In 10 short minutes, you can obtain your company’s CReD Score, a measure of your organization’s current state of crisis readiness, and how your organization compares to others. We’ve developed a tool that will help you identify gaps in crisis readiness so you can address them before a crisis happensGet your free Kith CReD Snapshot by clicking the green button below.

What We Do

Accepting poor crisis response is unacceptable. Kith can help access & improve your organizational crisis readiness by creating a streamlined and sustainable process while improving your team’s response skill sets.

Understanding the risks your organization faces doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’ve streamlined the process so you not only understand your risks but feel ready to manage them.

We’ll ensure you’re at your best on your worst days. We’re ready at a moment’s notice to help you navigate the challenges that come with a crisis including media relations, stakeholder outreach, investor relations and internal communications.

Kith Model for Reputation Excellence

What we’ve found in over 20 years talking to CEOs and CMOs is that the notion of reputation management is often vague and hard to quantify into programs and tactics. Kith has clarified the murky waters of reputation and as a result created a new model that makes things clearer and helps CEOs and CMOs quantify reputation.

Companies that trust us

We are at our best when thoughtful companies are challenged by their worst.

Kith Insights

Leading While Always Communicating

Leading While Always Communicating

Critical takeaways: Strategic communicators will need to find ways to keep their CEOs leading while always communication and visible to people who matter Humility, generosity and engagement are crucial leadership characteristics in this time of COVID-19 Great...

Saying Hard Things – Focus on a Bigger Picture

Saying Hard Things – Focus on a Bigger Picture

Critical takeaways: In a crisis, organizations should aim to be understood, not loved. Focus on a bigger picture to meet reasonable people’s expectations for a responsible organization. Spend your efforts communicating to the reasonable 80% and not over-indexing for...

The Eggs Podcast: Bill Coletti

The Eggs Podcast: Bill Coletti

Kith CEO Bill Coletti joined Michael Smith and Ryan Roghaar from The Eggs Podcast to discuss current crises happening in the United States and how to manage your way through it as a company. He also talks about where to start if you want to change your company's...

Not sure where to start?

Assess your crisis readiness by taking the Kith CReD Snapshot by clicking the green button below.


Your organization owns its brand, but the public owns its reputation. Effective, fast and credible crisis response is the key to mitigating damage to your reputation over the long term, but few organizations invest time and resources into truly understanding their crisis response capabilities. Because you’re on our site and reading about crisis readiness, it’s likely that you’ve had some doubts about your organization’s crisis readiness. You’re not alone.

That’s why we created the Kith CReD Snapshot. In 10 short minutes, you will get your CReD Score, a measure of your organization’s current state of crisis readiness, and how your organization compares to others. The Kith CReD Snapshot is free to take. Its insights into your organization are yours to use with no obligation.

We are here to help. At the end of the online questionnaire, we’ll ask if we can follow up with you to discuss your organization’s crisis readiness and how we might help you on the journey from where you are to where you want to be.

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