For Legal Counsel

Kith works with legal counsel to develop a comprehensive strategy for protecting your client's reputation.

Today, legal challenges extend far beyond the courtroom. Swift and strategic communication plays a pivotal role in protecting an organization’s reputation and its license to operate, complementing traditional legal approaches.

Our Expertise

Stephanie Craig

Stephanie Craig
President & CEO

Stephanie Craig

Chris Gidez
Senior Strategist

At Kith, our Litigation and Legal Affairs experts are dedicated to safeguarding your reputation and advancing your strategic position in high-stakes litigation, arbitration or other legal conflict.

As trusted advisors to leading organizations, we have had the privilege of successfully handling a broad spectrum of litigated cases and addressing a wide range of legal concerns. Among our many areas of expertise, we consistently provide guidance on:

  • Federal investigations
  • Liability lawsuits
  • Sexual harassment
  • Data breaches
  • Industrial Espionage
  • Trade Secrets

Our experience has taught us that a sound legal strategy is not enough to protect reputation.

Legal & Communications Partnership

Lawyers and communications advisors are more effective when they work together, offering trusted counsel in both the court of law and the court of public opinion. As partners serving our shared clients, we are better equipped to manage risk, engage stakeholders, and safeguard critical business objectives, extending beyond the immediate legal proceedings.

Our Mindset

We approach legal challenges with the discipline, adaptability, and comprehensive perspective akin to a political campaign. This entails taking a holistic view of legal matters, involving the right internal stakeholders from day one, and planning meticulously for all potential scenarios throughout the entire litigation process.

Charting a course

It is crucial for Legal to understand what the communications response will look like and get a sense of how stakeholders will react. This understanding will ensure that they aren’t caught off-guard by what’s happening in the court of public opinion. Close coordination between the legal and communications teams is a critical step toward protecting reputation and legal rights.


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