Hi, We are Kith.

We’re a reputation management and crisis communications firm for sophisticated corporations and their partners. We are at our best working with established corporations that feel disrupted in the age of disruption.

What’s a Kith?

Kith is a circle of friends and peers who shape opinions, attitudes and actions. The word is most typically used in phrases like “my kith and kin.” In this case kin are family and kith are a group of friends who, together with family, shape how we think about things or situations.


Businesses often believe opinions and expectations are formed based on logic and careful reasoning. That is not necessarily the case. Our expectations are formed more frequently by the attitudes and actions of peers and friends (our Kith) rather than logic or argument. Often we hear companies say things like “That does not make sense. Why do they think that?” or “If they just understood the process….” More often than not, elements of a kith shape the opinions of communities, customers and critics about companies and their actions and reputation.


Kith, comes from Old English and Old German words for relations and knowledge. The word literally means a “knowledgeable set of relations.” Your kith can be considered a circle of peers (not just friends) from whom we learn sophisticated habits of action and opinion. Just look at your favorite social media feed to see this in real time and how the opinions and actions of others shape how we view life’s critical moments.


We founded our firm around principles of understanding what stakeholder expectations are, about precisely what companies should do next. Since those expectations are often formed by their Kith – we became Kith.


Our approach is rooted in what is next. Our proprietary approach is a concept of NEXPECTATIONS. The combination resulting from unmet expectations and our corrective solution for what should come next.

Whether the problem is born of strategic misalignment or unanticipated crisis, we partner with you to determine what comes next, forming new and effective strategies for clarifying and redefining expectations.

Why Kith?

As Bill created the firm, he knew it was critical that we work with smart and sophisticated people – both on our team, partners and our clients – thus creating a new and exciting set of Kith.

Further reading

For more about kith please read some great work done out of the MIT Media Lab on social signaling.

Do you know where your Kith is?

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