typing op-ed

Courage and conviction in crafting an op-ed

Critical takeaways Op-eds are a powerful way of telling your story in a crisis and should be in every communicator’s tool kit. Op-eds written by a committee will fail to make your points clearly. Communications should write the piece with input from the subject matter expert. This guidance note is based on our experience using […]

edge of crisis

Crisis on the edge – Part II

Critical takeaways Nature doesn’t have clear-cut edges and neither do crises. Taking an edgeless, long-term view of a crisis improves our ability to learn after an event and also helps us prepare and improve our actions beforehand. Here are five ways that an ‘edgeless’ mindset will help you better prepare and give you a significant […]

crisis edges

Crisis Edges

Critical takeaways Situations in nature that appear to have clear edges are often more complex and blurry at the boundaries. This is the same in a crisis where there isn’t as clear a start and end as we might think. Thinking about crises as ‘edgeless’ allows us to learn more which improves our crisis response […]

infinite games

Crises as infinite games

Critical takeaways Infinite games are games where the objective is to excel and to pursue a worthy goal over the long term. Finite games with set structures and a winner/loser are limiting and ill-suited to long-term success. These two ideas are encapsulated in Simon Sinek’s book The Infinite Game and Sinek’s ‘infinite’ mindset is very […]

image of 2018 recap with lightbuld

2018 Blog Recap

In addition to seeing what we can learn from  the biggest issues of year, at Kith, we also like to conduct an annual review of our own writing. This is a good opportunity for us to reassess our thinking and to make sure that our core values and beliefs are properly reflected in our writing. […]

2018 Year in Review

2018 Crisis Year in Review

Critical takeaways Social media still matters. Companies must have a presence and use these platforms in a crisis. Pre-closure is the new disclosure. Be proactive, ‘take the trash out’, be clear about what you stand for and get out in front of the issue. Data breach is a waning public concern but still needs to […]

active engagement by board

Crises Require Active Engagement

Critical takeaways Success in a crisis requires active engagement by the organization’s senior leadership. Active decision-making is key to success and this is supported by active monitoring of the media landscape. Active preparation shouldn’t be mistaken for overreaction. The eventual decision could still be ‘do nothing’ but an active stance ensures you are ready for […]

eq vs iq

Crisis EQ versus Crisis IQ

Critical takeaways Success in a crisis requires a solid foundation in the individual and team tactics and skills required to manage a crisis.  We call this your Crisis IQ. But the emotional aspects of a crisis also need to be taken into account so you need to develop your Crisis EQ.  This will give you […]

image of sail boat and rhumb line map

Staying on course: follow your crisis rhumb line

Critical takeaways In sailing, the rhumb line is the shortest, most direct route between Point A and B.  However, external factors such as tides, weather or obstacles seldom allow ships to take this direct route, and they must compensate for these factors. Businesses in crisis also need a clear sense of their endpoint – the […]

image of sign that says confidence

Confidence in Crisis: The Confident Communicator

Critical takeaways Communicators must be able to deliver advice and guidance with confidence in a critical moment. This can be hard when the situation is dynamic and changes rapidly. Confidence must be based on a shared level of preparedness and ability, rather than bravado which can mask a preparedness gap. A combination of preparation, adaptability, […]