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Achieving Crisis Mastery: The Case for Finding a Crisis Coach

Critical takeaways Mastery in a field comes after competence has been achieved but achieving mastery requires objective feedback to refine and optimize performance. Coaches are very common in sports and are beginning to be used in other fields to help practitioners hone their skills and to understand & eliminate the bad and expand focus on […]


The Doctor Will See You Now: How Kith Serves Clients

David Maister is regarded as one of the world’s leading thinkers on consulting firm structure and positioning. For decades, Maister studied the business of consulting and his writing and ideas form the foundation of what we now recognize as modern management consulting.  What makes Maister so compelling isn’t just the quality of his thinking, but […]

crisis simulations

On-Demand Webinar: Crisis Simulations: Everything You Need to Know

  When your crisis skillsets are revealed, are you confident you will like what you see? At Kith, we are firm believers that crisis simulations are the most valuable planning and preparedness tool available to an organization and should be a routine part of every company’s training regimen. Time and time again, we have seen […]

families in crisis

Families in Crisis: Often the Guilty are Very Innocent

Critical takeaways Families and individuals who become caught up in a public scandal or personal critical moment will come under intense media and public scrutiny. However, unlike many companies, families and individuals are rarely prepared for this kind of adverse publicity and their naiveté can make things worse. Several of the same techniques that help […]

To Spoke Or Not To Spoke, That Is The Question

Critical Takeaways Individuals or families caught up in a crisis should engage a spokesperson to help them manage the media as this is something they are ill-equipped to do themselves. This course of action has some pros and to consider while making the decision and I address these here. The benefits of professional support – […]

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Crisis leader + crisis manager = a critical partnership

Critical takeaways Crisis Leaders and Crisis Managers are different roles but both are required for crisis success. Understanding the differences between the two roles – and how they complement each other – will help build a powerful partnership Here are three key distinctions between the two roles to help you select and prepare the right […]

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Crisis simulations as planning tools

Critical takeaways Simulations are the most valuable planning and preparedness tool available to an organization and should be a routine part of every company’s training regimen. We are now investigating how to use simulations as planning tools to help organizations develop contingency plans and scenarios for future challenges. Outlined here are four principles to help […]

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Overcoming shell shock in a crisis

Critical takeaways ‘Shell shock’ is the effect of trauma on individuals leading to paralysis and an inability to think and act effectively. We see similar results in boardrooms where a crisis causes the company to freeze.
 Our formula for crisis success – Core Values + Chain Of Command = Speed – can help overcome boardroom […]

Black Box Theory

Black Box Theory

Critical Takeaways It is easy to attribute crisis success as simply being lucky when in fact companies have earned this ‘luck’ through hard work and preparedness. A concept in sailing is that of a ‘black box’ into which a Captain deposits ‘points’. They can then draw on these points to give them a little bit […]