Critical takeaways The book ‘Crucial Conversations’ is a great guide to managing high-stakes conversations but it also provides useful guidance for crises. Many of the same techniques the authors advise for critical conversations can be used by crisis communicators to shape messages – externally and internally.  Crucially, self-awareness and introspection are key as many of … Read more

Crafting Hard Messaging

As we continue to face the daily uncertainty of how this pandemic will unfold, there is one thing we know for sure. Companies will continue to make extremely difficult decisions in the weeks ahead and will be faced with communicating those tough decisions to those who matter most. This webinar covers: The importance of conducting … Read more

stakeholder research

Bill Coletti and Karlan Witt, CEO of Cambia Information Group, discuss using stakeholder research so you don’t have to guess when it comes to crafting your next COVID-19 response message. The webinar covers: Robust research options: the recipe for strong survey research, message development, stakeholder prioritization, spokesperson optimization and more “Off-the-shelf” solutions: exploring economical tools … Read more

Critical Takeaways The changes forced on businesses by COVID-19 are placing greater emphasis on internal communications.  This is requiring external communicators to turn their attention inwards but this change requires a shift in perspective. We’ve outlined five considerations that external communicators need to have in mind when making this shift to ensure they are communicating … Read more

On the first webinar in Kith’s COVID-19 Communications Series, Bill Coletti and guest presenter Gerard Braud share their insights and top recommendations on “what’s next” and what to do in this very uncertain phase between shutting down and re-opening for business. Specifically, they discuss:  Best practices for writing a good response statement  What to say in … Read more