Crafting Hard Messaging

As we continue to face the daily uncertainty of how this pandemic will unfold, there is one thing we know for sure. Companies will continue to make extremely difficult decisions in the weeks ahead and will be faced with communicating those tough decisions to those who matter most. This webinar covers: The importance of conducting … Read more

stakeholder research

Bill Coletti and Karlan Witt, CEO of Cambia Information Group, discuss using stakeholder research so you don’t have to guess when it comes to crafting your next COVID-19 response message. The webinar covers: Robust research options: the recipe for strong survey research, message development, stakeholder prioritization, spokesperson optimization and more “Off-the-shelf” solutions: exploring economical tools … Read more

We are now entering the third or fourth week of messaging around corporate response – the “mushy middle phase” as we referred to it in our previous webinars. On the third webinar in Kith’s COVID-19 Communications Series, Bill Coletti shares observations on how companies are using the A-B-C approach (Always – Be – Communicating) and remaining … Read more