“All-in” Bets Can Ruin Reputations

Critical Take-Aways All-in bets make for dramatic spectacles in poker, particularly when the player is risking everything on a bluff.  People who have made mistakes might also double down on their denials and counter-attacks: they go all-in on the cover-up.  This damages them more than the original charge when the truth comes out and drags […]

Transformation: Start With Small Steps

Critical Takeaways A recent Kith post urged organizations to transform in order to become risk resilient, rather than just taking small, incremental steps improving what’s already in place. Some readers felt that this was unrealistic and wondered if taking small steps would still generate improvement. Any small improvement is worthwhile and transformation itself begins with […]


After the crisis, what comes next: a primer for boards and CEOs

Critical takeaways It’s normal to want to move on once a crisis recedes but this is when CEOs and Boards need to learn the lessons from the crisis to improve their resilience. Skills gaps should be closed and technical mastery sought but businesses should also be reevaluating their risks to make sure they are properly […]


What to expect when you’re expecting: preparing for litigation

Critical takeaways Litigation is a fact of life for businesses so it is often a matter of when, not if, you get sued. Businesses are still often unprepared for this, compounding the challenges of litigation. Although complex, litigation is still a process and one that communications teams can prepare for. These steps will help communications […]

Crisis and AI

Crisis and AI: what happens when “the computer did it”

Critical takeaways Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers significant opportunities for crisis communicators and AI is likely to increase the need for communication and empathy in the workplace. However, AI also poses significant challenges when it comes to the speed and complexity of the crisis that these systems could cause and how communicators need to prepare. AI […]

internal mindset

Controlling a crisis starts from within you: Are you ready?

Critical takeaways Both the external and internal environment present challenges in a crisis but a crisis leaders internal mindset is the only one that we can guarantee control over. Exceptional crisis communicators understand this and are more effective as they aren’t distracted by events beyond their control. Apply these recommended techniques to focus internally and […]