2018 Year in Review

2018 Crisis Year in Review

Critical takeaways Social media still matters. Companies must have a presence and use these platforms in a crisis. Pre-closure is the new disclosure. Be proactive, ‘take the trash out’, be clear about what you stand for and get out in front of the issue. Data breach is a waning public concern but still needs to […]

active engagement by board

Crises Require Active Engagement

Critical takeaways Success in a crisis requires active engagement by the organization’s senior leadership. Active decision-making is key to success and this is supported by active monitoring of the media landscape. Active preparation shouldn’t be mistaken for overreaction. The eventual decision could still be ‘do nothing’ but an active stance ensures you are ready for […]

eq vs iq

Crisis EQ versus Crisis IQ

Critical takeaways Success in a crisis requires a solid foundation in the individual and team tactics and skills required to manage a crisis.  We call this your Crisis IQ. But the emotional aspects of a crisis also need to be taken into account so you need to develop your Crisis EQ.  This will give you […]

image of sail boat and rhumb line map

Staying on course: follow your crisis rhumb line

Critical takeaways In sailing, the rhumb line is the shortest, most direct route between Point A and B.  However, external factors such as tides, weather or obstacles seldom allow ships to take this direct route, and they must compensate for these factors. Businesses in crisis also need a clear sense of their endpoint – the […]

image of sign that says confidence

Confidence in Crisis: The Confident Communicator

Critical takeaways Communicators must be able to deliver advice and guidance with confidence in a critical moment. This can be hard when the situation is dynamic and changes rapidly. Confidence must be based on a shared level of preparedness and ability, rather than bravado which can mask a preparedness gap. A combination of preparation, adaptability, […]

The Keto Diet for Crisis Readiness

Critical takeaways Like our diets, we can take different approaches to how we prepare for crises. Many companies have a high-carb, ‘junk food’ approach to crisis preparedness which generates a short-term ‘sugar-high’ but little sustainable benefit. Unlike high-carb diets, a keto diet advocates a higher fat intake to help generate a long-term, sustainable supply of […]

Doing the right thing - ethical decisions

Doing The Right Thing: How to Make Ethical Decisions

Critical takeaways Knowing the right thing to do in the run up to or aftermath of a crisis can be difficult. A process for ethical decision-making is needed to overcome these challenges. Immanuel Kant’s philosophy – based on the four pillars of autonomy; the categorical imperative; ethical considerations; and symmetrical communications – provides an excellent […]

image of insurance policy

Crisis communications insurance policy: Are you covered?

Critical Takeaways Insurance is available to cover crisis communications support in a crisis. Check to see if you have this in place and understand what is covered. Establish a rapport with the providers before an event.   The simulation was going incredibly well. The data breach had been identified and the technical teams were responding. […]

speaking truth to power

Truth to power: A Communicator’s Obligation

Critical Takeaways CEOs need an honest view of the situation in order to be able to manage a crisis. This requires those who support them to ‘speak truth to power’. Crisis communicators are in a unique position to bring the external perspectives into the discussion. Communicators must learn to share their views with clarity, courage […]

man burried under work

The problem with planning for a problem

Critical takeaways A shelf of plans in ‘white binders’ gives a false sense of security and can be worthless. A crisis plan is not a step-by-step guide for every possible eventuality but should lay out the basic procedures for managing a crisis and some standard steps to address crises by type. This generates valuable speed […]