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Why We Only Do One Thing

October 27, 2021

When I first started doing crisis management, someone asked me what kind of crisis I handled. I thought that to be an odd question. If you are a patent lawyer, you handle patents not just left-pawed blue schnauzers. If you are a neonatal nurse, you take care of babies, not just right-handed babies from Pittsburgh. 

The One Thing

So why would I only handle one type of crisis? Becoming an authority in a subject, any subject, gives you the deep understanding, experience and wisdom to see it like no one else. That is what we do at Kith.

Collectively, we bring years of elite experience to our firm but this is all built on a foundation of passion, dedication and motivation to build the muscle that is crisis management. It is not one of many things we do — it is the only thing we do.

We have spent decades taking the phone call at 9 p.m. on Friday nights and working through the weekend in more places than you could imagine. We have held hands and crafted strategies; we have walked factory floors and sat in boardrooms; but we have always been in it with our clients. We are at our best when clients are at their worst, and we make it better.

This experience prepared us to handle any crisis that is thrown at the people we work with, even the right-handed orange labradoodle, but it has also given us unique insight into the mechanics of crisis, to the kindling and fuel, and how to prevent them. 

That’s why what we do at Kith is different. Our well earned muscles have enabled us to see what is next for crisis management. We will still take your phone call at 3 a.m. but we are also innovators who want to revolutionize the industry. 

Prevent, Prepare and Protect

We want to help our clients Prevent, Prepare and Protect their organizations.

  • Prevent damage to your organization by helping you know when a crisis is coming.
  • Prepare your teams to handle any kind of crisis that could hit your business (because one will).
  • And, Protect your hard earned reputation or in our parlance, make you Reputation Resilient. 

Quite frankly, if we do our job right with this blueprint, you don’t need to call us at 3 in the morning. You don’t need us to jump on a plane and talk to your board. Because you and your team will be ready. 

And how do we do this you ask. We take your teams through our system that:

  • Pressure tests your existing response to find the vulnerabilities; 
  • Works with you to become Crisis Confident in your ability to respond; and
  • Leaves you with a blueprint.

Forward Thinking, Forward Leaning

One of Kith’s core values expresses it best: We demonstrate sophisticated habits & advise our clients with wise, forward thinking insights.

This is forwarding thinking and this is about our clients. We not only want to leave you in a better position than when we arrived but also empower you to confidently put your organization in a better position whenever a crisis strikes.

This is why we are different. And, we only could have arrived here because we know the right thing to do because we only do one thing — crisis. 

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Stephanie Craig

Stephanie Craig has built her reputation as a crisis expert by guiding some of the world’s most prominent people and organizations through their most trying moments. Before Kith, Stephanie founded the Apeiron Strategy Group where she counted former First Lady Rosalynn Carter and the mayor of the nation’s 10th largest city as clients.