On Demand Webinar: Transforming into Reputation Resilience – Your Roadmap

Reputation Resilience
You own your brand, the public owns your reputation.

Too often companies are narrowly focused on planning for or responding to a crisis. Some companies spend resources on ERM systems to track and monitor their operational risks. However, they rarely spend time outside of a crisis situation understanding how their known risks could impact their reputation for the long term.

In this month’s on-demand webinar, Transforming into Reputation Resilience: Your Roadmap,Kith’s CEO Bill Coletti shares how high-performing organizations can transform their thinking around crisis AND reputation in order to reach a state of reputation resilience.

In this 30-minute webinar Bill Coletti will:


  • Discuss how combining the Crisis Readiness Journey with the Reputation Risk Journey will put you on the path to Reputation Resilience
  • Provide a systematic solution to align companies’ actions with the expectations of the public
  • Share a proven process and examples of success that will help your organization accelerate your response time and transform your thinking around crisis and risk


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