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Webinar: Reputation Management Councils: A High Impact Approach

December 31, 2019


Is your organization truly prepared to mitigate reputational risks?

Organizations that meet regularly and create an enterprise-wide view of reputation impacting risks are much more effective at managing a crisis and can sometimes avoid them entirely.

In this month’s on-demand webinar, Reputation Management Councils: A High Impact Approach to Crisis Readiness, Kith’s CEO Bill Coletti shares how to mitigate risks and better prepare your organization for reputation impacting crises with a cross-disciplinary approach.

In this 30-minute webinar Bill Coletti will:
  • Explain how to create an effective and successful Reputation Management Council to help your organization look around corners and address risks
  • Break down the High Impact Agenda to help maximize the productivity and accountability of your council
  • Share tools to help your organization better understand and organize the reputation impacting  risks facing your business



Downloadable worksheets:

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Bill is a reputation management, crisis communications and professional development expert, keynote speaker, Wall Street Journal Risk & Compliance panelist, and best-selling author of Critical Moments: The New Mindset of Reputation Management. He has more than 25 years of global experience managing high-stakes crises, issues management, and media relations challenges for both Fortune 500 companies and winning global political campaigns.