On-Demand Webinar: Crisis Simulations: Everything You Need to Know

crisis simulations


When your crisis skillsets are revealed, are you confident you will like what you see?

At Kith, we are firm believers that crisis simulations are the most valuable planning and preparedness tool available to an organization and should be a routine part of every company’s training regimen. Time and time again, we have seen the tangible benefits of simulations when a crisis strikes and there is a marked difference between teams who have practiced and those who have not.

In this month’s on-demand webinar, Crisis Simulations: Everything You Need to Know, Kith’s CEO Bill Coletti will discuss why a well-crafted simulation is the most valuable preparation tool that an organization can employ.

In this 30-minute webinar Bill Coletti will:

  • Help you get clarity on the level of development of individuals and teams in order to improve skill sets and overcome fear and shellshock with crisis preparedness
  • Develop corporate ‘muscle memory’ allowing you to react more quickly and decisively in a critical moment
  • Identify gaps in your crisis planning process and organizational preparedness
  • Help you understand relationships and develop alignment between teams, e.g. communications and legal


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