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Led by Bill Coletti, 25-year veteran of high-profile crisis communications, Kith is the team you can trust to recover your reputation.

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I've had the opportunity to work side by side with Bill during high-stakes crises of all stripes. I can say unequivocally if you're in a fox hole, you will want Bill by your side.

Dan Bartlett,
Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Walmart

Leaders who trust Kith with their crisis communications

Within hours, be ready to defend your reputation against assault

Crisis demands a rapid, effective and expert response.

We can help. Kith is a specialized firm of battle-tested crisis communicators. From 25 years of experience managing crises for Fortune 500 companies and leaders across industries, we know what it takes to run a high-stakes response.

Leaders hire us when they need specialized crisis communications.

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Not responding wasn't an option. I don't know what we would've done if we hadn't had Kith because there were so many facets to consider. Every word had to be crafted so carefully.

We worked closely with Kith on communications with a fast turnaround. They jumped right in within hours and became an extension of our team.

Marketing Director,
Kith Client

We were aware of both an impending protest on campus and announcements we were going to make that had grave reputation implications. We felt we didn’t have sufficient crisis communication protocols to handle them. Kith immediately understood the complications inherent in the kinds of contentious situations we were facing and our need to get up to speed quickly

VP, Communications,
Kith Client

Expert crisis response to extinguish every last spark of the flame

Today, you may only see the flashpoint. But every crisis follows a trajectory. 

From the hot start through waves of media, public and legal attention, Kith knows that arc. We know what it takes to move you through faster and keep your reputation unsinged.

In a crisis you want a battle-tested veteran. And you want someone like Bill Coletti who can not only put out the immediate fire, but help ensure there is no long-term damage to a firm or individual's reputation.

Mark McKinnon,
creator and co-host of Showtime's The Circus, and former media advisor to George W. Bush and John McCain

Sharpen your crisis communications strategy. Extend your crisis response team

When information, clarity, and time are in short supply; when “no comment” isn’t an option, count on Kith to:

In the crucible of crisis, you will face enormous pressure to react. But speed without direction is dangerous. 

Kith’s role is to point out that direction while maintaining your critical momentum toward recovery.

Crisis hits you when you least expect it. Bill's years of experience and calming disposition truly helped us through a crisis, and his thought process on reputation management is second to none.

John Keating,
President of Business Operations and Supply Chain Protein Enterprise, Cargill

Engaging Kith’s Crisis Response Team

Hourly rates or caps on services shouldn’t keep you from complete crisis recovery. That’s why Kith crisis response services are all-inclusive. 

We work closely with only a handful of clients, so we can devote the attention it takes to deliver this full suite of crisis services.

We’ll quote you a flat monthly fee. The rate will be based on the scope of the crisis — with a more intensive engagement at the outset of the crisis.

As the crisis is controlled and your team is equipped, you will need us less often.

Bill's approach is methodical, honest, and real. Bill successfully led our family through a crisis that seemed at the time unsurmountable and that garnered national media attention for weeks. His integrity during every step of our journey was not only refreshing but led to a lasting friendship

Brody Pettit,
Owner and President, Pettit Machinery Inc.

There is light at the end of the crisis. Let’s get you there with fewer sleepless nights

The day you call a crisis expert can be one of the hardest days of your life. There’s no getting around it — a crisis will put you to the test. 

But we will help you get through this, just as we’ve helped some of the best-known companies, institutions and politicians in the United States.

The first step is to reach out confidentially. From there, we’ll give you our objective advice on what to do next.

Bill is what is needed during any critical moment: a calming and smart influence who always thinks two steps ahead.

Ken Luce,
Founder and Managing Partner, LDWWgroup

Bill has a way of building a very good, open relationship. It's just, ‘Let's get in there and do this and let's work together. And let me take what each person can provide in this situation and make the most out of it.’ And that makes him unique amongst people that have been in this industry for a very long time.

VP, Communications,
Fortune 500 Company

More About Kith & Bill Coletti

Kith was founded by Bill Coletti after decades of global experience managing high-stakes crises, issues management, and media relations challenges for Fortune 500 companies and successful political campaigns.

Before founding Kith, Bill co-led the Global Risk Management and Crisis Communications Practice for Hill+Knowlton Strategies. 

He is a recognized reputation management, crisis communications and professional development expert, keynote speaker, Wall Street Journal Risk & Compliance panellist, and best-selling author of Critical Moments: The New Mindset of Reputation Management. 

The Kith team includes Jeff Blaylock, Vice President and experienced strategic communications and public affairs professional and Chris Gidez, Of-Counsel, a senior reputation and crisis counsellor. 

Kith is located in Austin, Texas and works with clients across the USA and globally.

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