Inside Influence Podcast with Julie Masters: Bill Coletti, Critical Moments

In today’s conversation with Bill Coletti talked about:

  • Crisis EQ – what it is, why it’s vital and how – like any other muscle – it takes training
  • How to get unstuck when a crisis first starts to unfold – when everyone is in flight or fight and you can feel the panic starting to spread
  • Why most of us either ‘passively engage’ or over react when there’s an issue – and how to replace those responses with a process he calls Active Decision Making
  • The importance of storytelling in controlling crisis
  • A simple three-recipe for an effective apology… clue.. it doesn’t involve the words ‘if’ or ‘but’
  • And finally – having the courage to speak truth to power. In critical moments there is often significant fear, not of the situation itself but of swimming against the tide and offering a different, unpleasant point of view – how to overcome those moments and share what you know constructively.




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