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Two quotes help me think about the concept of clarity and its importance in crisis response. The first is from Henry Kissinger. “If you don’t know where you’re going, every road will get you nowhere.” And the second one is from the always quotable Yogi Berra. “If you don’t know where you’re going, you might … Read more

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In my last blog post, I introduced the concept of Crisis Confidence, and that confidence is born out of speed, clarity, and trust. Over the next three weeks, I want to dig in on each of those elements and give them context and specific recommendations on what you can do to improve all three. Being … Read more

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“The crucible of crisis doesn’t develop your skill sets; it reveals them.” I’ve said these words to many leaders over the years, and as people pause and reflect on it, it dawns on them: if they’re honest with themselves, they don’t think they’ll like what the crucible will reveal. Deep down, they know that they’re … Read more

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This will more than likely be our last post for 2021. And what a year it has been. For those of you that follow along in this space, you know that in July, I had a pretty severe accident and spent a week in the ICU. Last week I had the final of 4 surgeries … Read more

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Confucius tells us that “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” What is fear, and why do so many corporate leaders fear crises?  Fear is a concern, rational or not, about your well-being. In this context, it is a concern about the reputation of your organization. You may fear the unknown, … Read more

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There’s an interesting article I read recently about the notion of how to master a craft, and I was thinking about it in the context of the way we manage crises. In the article, Julian Shapiro notes that becoming a craftsperson requires more focus on the process than the output: the process is rewarding enough. … Read more

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I love checklists.  I also love Thanksgiving.  What could be better than combining the two?     As you get ready for the holidays coming up, I want to remind you that checklists are critically important for the holiday season. They’re also critically important when you find yourself in crisis.  As you can see down … Read more

A big mistake we see everywhere is thinking that experience in a role or time-served automatically makes you a leader in that space. This thinking mistakes the fundamental difference between management and leadership: one is focused on what needs to be done, whereas the other is more concerned with the why. How versus Why In a crisis context, … Read more

Critical Takeaways The two fundamental roles in American corporations are makers – such as operations – and sellers – like communications. It’s essential to maintain a direct linkage between the two as they work better together.  When working with operations, communicators usually fall short in three areas: meeting the operations team too late, going into … Read more

Main article Critical Takeaways: In Corporate Communications and Public Relations, the word stakeholders is a fancy way to define those that matter most to an organization. We at Kith put these people into three categories: Communities, Customers, and Critics At a fundamental level, what separates inferior corporate communications from superior corporate communications is the ability … Read more