Readying Your Company for Social Crisis - Webinar

"Social crises can come out of the blue, but they're not just preventable – these events can be turned into an advantage in the market."

The range and complexity of social risks that companies face grows daily and, at some point, your firm and its values will be tested. 

But at Kith, we believe that crisis can be mitigated and that is especially true for social risk. Not only can you prepare for these situation, but social risks can be managed and, in some cases, be the catalyst for values-driven growth.

On September 8th, 2021, Bill and Stephanie hosted a webinar to help organizations plan and prepare for social risks. You can watch the replay below


Bill Coletti – Founder, Kith

Stephanie Craig

Stephanie Craig – Vice President of Consulting, Kith

"If you are going to talk about social values or get involved in politics, you’d better live your values."

Whether you just need to refine what you have in place, or build from scratch, Bill and Stephanie give you the tools and guidance you need to prepare for these get ready.

Get the webinar slides and the resource pack below.

Still feeling stuck?

We understand that this can be an overwhelming challenge for firms and, even if you get it, the workload might be too much or it can be hard to persuade reluctant executives to participate in this kind of planning.

We’ve tried to solve these challenges with our Social Risk Workshops

We’ll work with your organization in a focused, concentrated series of activities to ensure you understand and are prepared for the social risks that you might face.

Schedule a call if you’d like to learn more.

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