The crucible of crisis does not develop your leadership; it reveals it. When your crisis skillsets are revealed, are you confident you’ll like what you see? Do you understand the gaps in your crisis response plans and know the possible remedies?

A poorly-trained team is a liability in a crisis. With Kith, your team can be at its best with highly engaging training methods that will ensure your team is ready to take on crisis whenever it may strike.

Kith’s crisis simulations, Crisis Squared (Crisis2) and Crisis Cubed (Crisis3), are fast-paced, interactive crisis readiness experiences that are fully customized to your organization’s unique needs. These hands-on exercises enable your teams to practice the language, tools and roles to communicate with your communities, customers and critics in a crisis. Most critically, the exercises reveal the degree of your team’s readiness and lay a foundation on which to develop comprehensive crisis plans.

Kith’s crisis simulations are designed to:

  • Evaluate current internal processes and identify gaps in need of improvement
  • Assess your team’s ability to respond effectively to a crisis and carry out their defend roles in a realistic crisis scenario
  • Empower refreshed thinking when creating crisis communications plans that specifically meets your organization’s needs

Learn more about Kith’s crisis simulations here.

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