What you will learn in this episode:

  • What steps Bill feels smaller businesses can take to better connect with and communicate with their customers and why communication is key in difficult times
  • How Bill defines a crisis differently from day-to-day challenges all businesses face, and why he considers this pandemic to be a critical moment that will define businesses
  • Why this terrible challenge also offers an opportunity to vastly improve the systems we have in place, and why adapting to these changes is important
  • How Bill and his team are advising clients on how to make key decisions without waiting on or looking to the federal government for guidance and assistance
  • Why resiliency, which Bill defines as the ability to stand back up after being knocked down, is entirely in the hands of business leaders
  • What permanent changes to both industries and to our way of life Bill anticipates will take place due to the pandemic, even after the crisis passes
  • Why now is the time for businesses to begin innovating new solutions and open new lines of communication with their customers
  • What advice Bill and his team are offering to CEOs and business leaders to get through this crisis and maintain their own health and wellbeing
  • Why Bill recommends you create a video message for the 1-5 groups of people most important to your business



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