Take your first steps to becoming a trusted advisor

Over 25 years advising firms in some of their most high-stakes moments, Bill Coletti has learned that being a trusted advisor is so much more than being a good communicator. He’s condensed these lessons in one place: his Becoming a Trusted Advisor Masterclass.

In these three mini-seminars, Bill’s going to share with you some of the fundamentals that will help you take those first, important steps to move from being a great communicator, to being a trusted advisor. That’s going to get you ready to start your journey and will give you a taste of what the full experience is like.


This is where your journey begins: with an understanding of yourself, others and what’s going on around you

Don’t forget to get your copy of the workbook that accompanies this series

That’s going to help you build a roadmap and start your journey to the decision-making table

The Strategic Mindset

Moving from a tactical, serve and respond attitude, to a strategic, lead and challenge mindset, is the critical turning point in your transformation

Persuasion, influence and trust

This is when all the threads come together and you break through to become the trusted advisor your leadership turns to when things are at their worst

The Trusted Advisor

Bill pulls all the elements together and answers questions about the Trusted Advisor Masterclass in this last, live, session

Kith's Trusted Advisor Masterclass

Over eight weeks, Bill works with expert communicators to help them become the best version of themselves; building upon their strengths and expanding their skillset to help them take their career to the next level.

If that sounds like where you want to take your career, learn more about the Trusted Advisor Masterclass and register here.