Case Study


One of the largest protein producers already had media monitoring in place. The media monitoring told them information like how many times and where they were mentioned in media coverage, but did little else. What the team needed was actionable insights from the daily flow of information that would help them identify potential risks as well as opportunities. Further analysis was needed to help the organization determine what action, if any, to take next.

  • Understand your industry landscape
  • Identify potential issues before they become crises
  • Create awareness of industry topics within your organization
  • Generate actionable intelligence

Kith implemented a Situational Intelligence program as the conversation around antibiotic use in livestock produce on and its impact on red meat consumption was heating up. After putting the Situational Intelligence program in place, it became increasingly clear that the conversations around the topic were calling for leadership to give a voice to the manufacturing side of the supply chain, not just the end-user side.

Using Situational Intelligence enabled the company to determine the best course of action to take for itself and consumers, and when to take it. Situational Intelligence was the catalyst for the organization to announce its new policy on antibiotic use in livestock, which led to favorable media coverage in leading national newspapers as well as industry praise.

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