A not-for-profit organization wanted to take more ownership of its reputation and better defend it from attacks from competitors and media. Misalignment between operations and communications often left the organization with a misunderstanding of risks, leaving the organization exposed to attacks or slow to respond. Operations and communications needed a venue in which to discuss risk before it became public or affect the organization’s reputation.

  • Identify issues before they become crises
  • Create a collaborative environment for issues management
  • Eliminate organizational silos
  • Better defend your organization against reputational attacks

Kith facilitated the creation of a Reputation Management Council, a cross-discipline group responsible for boosting preparedness for crises and streamlining the response to issues. The group features representatives from operations, communications, general counsel and other disciplines to ensure cross-organization representation.

A Reputation Management Council with representatives from all disciplines creates mutual understanding of risks, and ensures the right issues get surfaced at the right time. During quarterly meetings, representatives are able to raise and discuss potential issues, often before they become a public problem. Each meeting is driven by a proprietary agenda ensuring critical thinking and maximized efficiency. Results include better coordination during a crisis, advance awareness of issues, and organizational alignment on risk likelihood and reputational impact.

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