Case Study


A food and agriculture company needed to stand out among its competitors and get credit for the innovative approach it took to the industry’s most pressing issues including food safety, antibiotic use in livestock and animal welfare. The company had already implemented its solutions, but awareness of their innovations was low. There was an opportunity for the organization to claim a leadership role and receive credit and recognition for its efforts.

  • Position your organization as an industry leader
  • Stay ahead of the issues that can impact your organization
  • Lead the conversation rather than follow
  • Get the credit your organization deserves

Kith partnered with the client to create the a content platform for addressing key issues impacting customers and the consumers. The content platform consisted of a series of webinars led by the client for its customers, employees and other industry members interested in learning more about how the organization was addressing the most critical issues facing the industry.


The content platform delivered high engagement with customers, generated new business relationships for the client and generated earned media from the Wall Street Journal and industry-leading trade publications. Additionally, the content platform built a level of trust and understanding, which created a reservoir of
resiliency should the company face a challenge in the future. Instead of solving only the immediate problem, they
created an evergreen program that continues to show results over time.

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