Become the trusted advisor executives rely on

You already have the communications skills. 

But to advance to the highest levels – to earn your seat at the decision-making table – you need to be more than a great communicator.

You need the mindset, behavior, and attributes that allow you to become a trusted advisor.

When you’re known for your strategic outlook, creative problem solving, confidence and calm...

Executives will turn to you for advice.

You’ll no longer be managing the tactics of a response or simply issuing press releases. Instead, you’ll influence your organization’s strategy, be part of its biggest decisions, and take on a truly strategic role.

You’ll be at the leadership table, where you belong.

But simply improving your skills as a communicator isn’t enough to get you there.

Develop the mindset, skills, and attributes you need to become trusted advisor

In this focused, small-group masterclass, you’ll learn how to:

Increase your understanding...

Develop a strategic mindset

Build trust, increase influence and become more presuasive

But these skills alone aren’t enough: you also need to build trust and get people to listen to your advice

Work with a small group of your peers alongside crisis communications authority, Bill Coletti

Kith Academy is based on Kith’s crisis communications and reputation management consulting with Fortune 500 companies around the world. 

We’re actively managing some of the toughest reputation challenges and teaching from the trenches.

You’ll learn directly from Kith CEO, Bill Coletti, a 25-year veteran of crisis communications and sought-after advisor to leaders of some of the world’s best-known companies.

Watch Bill’s original concept for the Trusted Advisor Masterclass

If any of this sounds familiar…

…then the Trusted Advisor Masterclass might be what you need to advance you take your place at the decision-making table

We're accepting applications for the next cohort of communicators, ready to take their careers to the next level

We’re preparing to welcome the next cohort into the Trusted Advisor Masterclass.

If you want to join a small group of driven,  thoughtful communicators who want to move to next level; if you want to be part of the future generation of leaders in our field: please get in touch.