Level-Up Your Communications Skills & Get A Seat At The Decision-Making Table.

Are you ready to move beyond writing releases? If you want your executive team turning to you for the hardest challenges, you need to understand yourself and learn what it takes for you to be confident in a crisis.

We built Module One of our Kith Academy: Trusted Advisor around the idea of encouraging communications professionals develop the mindset and behavior needed to gain trust and know how to react and respond appropriately when their organization is in a time of need.

One of the first elements in the masterclass is an interactive workbook which we’d love to share with you for free. The workbook is designed to help you learn how to:

  • Assess & understand yourself
  • Understand your internal committee
  • Strategize how to “show up” in different situations
  • And more tools to build the strongest mindset and behavior of superior corporate communicators

Completing the workbook doesn’t take very long, but the results are immediate (and in many cases, life-changing!)