A Letter from Kith's CEO, Bill Coletti

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on all us, as business leaders, employees, community members, family, and friends. Each of us has been touched by this pandemic in some way. For many, this is the most difficult experience of their lives. Before we go any further – if you are at home and can do so safely, give your partner, kids or dog a big “YOU ARE AWESOME – THANK YOU!”

At Kith, our purpose as a firm has always been to truly serve as a “kith” to our clients – a cadre of peers who shape opinions and attitudes while instilling sophisticated habits for action. In the face of COVID-19, that mission has taken on a deeper meaning for our team.

While responding to a pandemic is new for most of us, our team at Kith is experienced in helping leaders and communicators navigate the many challenges that come with a crisis. We are committed to sharing our best insights, recommendations, and resources with you during this difficult time. 

Every Monday, for the time being, we will be hosting a free, live webinar in an effort to be helpful by sharing our expertise and what we are learning along this difficult journey. You can find out more about Kith’s COVID Communications Webinar Series below. 

We are also encouraging anyone who is struggling with their response strategy to reach out and connect with us. We are in this together. We all face one common crisis. Our goal is to simply be of service to our “kith” and generously help as many organizations as we can along the way. 

As a firm we have made a contribution, and will continue to do so, to the First Responders Kid’s Fund. This is a great organization that helps the families of those that are the first to run into help when the bell rings. If you can, please consider joining us in support of the First Responders Kid’s Fund or the group of your choice. Thank you. 

Please be well and be safe – this too shall pass. A new and better normal is right around the corner.  

Bill Coletti

CEO, Kith



In the spring of 2020, we shared our insights, observations and recommendations for responding to the COVID-19 crisis is a series of free webinars.

Our goal from the beginning was to be of service to our “kith” and generously help as many people and organizations as we can as we all manage a new “normal.” We sincerely hope the content we have shared was helpful to you and the organizations your serve.

In that spirit, we created Kith’s COVID-19 Crisis Communications Playbook. This free Playbook is a collection of best practices and resources that we shared during the webinar series. 

While most of the content is specific to the pandemic, these frameworks and tactics can be applies to any critical moments organizations face.

Kith COVID-19 Crisis Communications Playbook


5/06/20: WEBINAR #8

5/06/20: WEBINAR #7

4/29/20: WEBINAR #6

4/22/20: WEBINAR #5

4/13/20: WEBINAR #4

4/06/20: WEBINAR #3

3/30/20: WEBINAR #2

3/23/20: WEBINAR #1


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