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The most critical skill in a crisis is…

  I’m often asked, “What are the keys to crisis success?”.  After 25 years in the field, I have a ready stock of answers (a whole book’s worth in fact).  However, many of these articles have been from the standpoint of what the company should do, how fast they should respond or who should be […]

CEO’s Abrupt Exit Puts Fintech Firm in Spotlight

Bill Coletti, Kith’s CEO was featured in the Wall Street Journal’s Risk & Compliance Journal Crisis of the Week: CEO’s Abrupt Exit Puts Fintech Firm in Spotlight “The SoFi board was forced to act quickly and did so in a way that was transparent and compassionate–it just took two bites. SoFi likely wishes it had […]

Critical Moments: The New Mindset in Reputation Management

    Bill Coletti’s new book Critical Moments : The New Mindset of Reputation Management is now available in digital and hardback formats on Amazon.   New Book from Crisis and Reputation Management Expert Helps CEOs and Communicators Navigate Crises, Build Reputation   “How many fires have you put out today?”   A new book […]

Crisis Simulations: How best-in-class companies learn and prepare

By Bill Coletti, CEO, Kith   Critical Takeaways: ·      Research suggests that people learn more by doing than by reading. ·      Utilizing a Crisis Simulator capitalizes on the higher levels of learning – audiovisual, discussion group and learning by doing in a virtual environment. ·      Simulations done right are a proven and effective way to […]

Reputation and Due Diligence: Everyone Is Doing It And You Should Too

By Bill Coletti, CEO, Kith    Critical Takeaways: ·      You can (and should) leverage reputational due diligence efforts into actionable insights and opportunities. ·      Today’s business visionaries are tasked with finding organizations which will help define their business culture. ·      With the issue of corporate reputation becoming increasingly relevant across all sectors, we should embrace […]

Pattern Recognition: The Key to Accelerated Communications Performance

By Bill Coletti, CEO, Kith   Critical Takeaways: ·      There are good communicators and there are great strategic communicators: what’s separating the good from the great is pattern recognition ability. ·      By practicing pattern recognition, good communicators become strategic communicators because they become more comfortable and confident in crisis situations. ·      Most situations have three […]