noahs arc

Noah and Augustine: a crisis history lesson

Critical takeaways The story of Noah’s Ark reminds us of the need to actually take action in response to risk. This story is quoted in a 1995 HBR article by Norm Augustine who lays out six points for crisis success based on his experiences in government and business. Despite the article’s age, Augustine’s six points […]

CEO’s Abrupt Exit Puts Fintech Firm in Spotlight

Bill Coletti, Kith’s CEO was featured in the Wall Street Journal’s Risk & Compliance Journal Crisis of the Week: CEO’s Abrupt Exit Puts Fintech Firm in Spotlight “The SoFi board was forced to act quickly and did so in a way that was transparent and compassionate–it just took two bites. SoFi likely wishes it had […]

Critical Moments: The New Mindset in Reputation Management

  Bill Coletti’s new book Critical Moments : The New Mindset of Reputation Management is now available in digital and hardback formats on Amazon. New Book from Crisis and Reputation Management Expert Helps CEOs and Communicators Navigate Crises, Build Reputation “How many fires have you put out today?” A new book from crisis communications and […]

What is Kith?

By Bill Coletti, CEO, Kith   Critical Takeaways Kith are the peer group that affects and influences the opinions and attitudes that we all hold. First movers are viewed as fringe – but joined by others they create what is next.   We’ve all heard of the social experiment where one person stands on a […]