Silo thinking - independence

A Question of Independence: Life on Silo Island

I was recently put in an awkward situation where the question of the crisis communications team’s independence at a major organization became an issue. As background, the communications team had asked me to work with them to prepare some materials related to a specific product launch.  There was the potential that the launch could cause […]

sailing into heavy weather

Heavy Weather Crisis Planning

Having the ability to find a link between your passion and your profession will make you better at both. That said, I often try to uncover the similarities between what we do in crisis communications and crisis planning with my passion for sailboat racing and long distance sailing. I was recently watching a video about […]

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A Tale of Two Executives

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness” is the well-known opening to Charles Dickens’ novel “A Tale of Two Cities.” However, the second part, regarding wisdom and foolishness, isn’t quoted as often as the first. When we walk […]

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Critical Moments: The New Mindset Of Reputation Management

What is a crisis? It’s a big question, but in its most basic terms, it’s something that interrupts you from a pre-planned activity — it moves you off-course, in other words — and it triggers a negative reaction from some important subset, be that employees, stakeholders, investors, the media etc.   The perception of your […]

Corporate Reputation Can Be Managed

“It’s all about reputation now” Pretty heady first paragraph of a recent Fast Company article about the importance of reputation (which you can easily argue has always been important):   There is an underappreciated paradox of knowledge that plays a pivotal role in our advanced hyper-connected liberal democracies: the greater the amount of information that […]

getting advice from a coworker

The Ecosystem of Advice: Who do you turn to during a crisis?

I started putting together a post a few weeks ago called “The Ecosystem Of Advice.” It was going to be a deep dive on who exactly we turn to when our business is in crisis and collapsing around us. I had a few thoughts, of course — consultants, attorneys, recommendations from past colleagues, trade associations, […]

Facebook and the Limits of Reputation

No one seems to know what many brands really even do. Is that an issue? I don’t want to write much about the Mark Zuckerberg hearings — although “Mr. Zuckerman” was pretty funny, as well as the fact that a tech hearing used printed-out logo boards — because the story’s been everywhere, and everyone is […]

Pattern Recognition and Crisis Management

What is pattern recognition? Pattern recognition has been around since humans have been around, as it’s one of the more logical ways we make sense of our world. In recent years, it’s gained a bunch more contextual notoriety because it’s deeply tied to image processing, neural networks, machine learning, textual analysis, and other tech stack […]

The Equation For Crisis Success

  We’re not big fans of jumping into the fray with whatever everyone else is writing about at a given time. There’s a lot of digital noise already out in the ether, so why make that worse? We have opinions on the United flight dog, the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica situation, Uber’s self-driving car death, and more. […]

How can universities handle reputational risk better?

Higher education is seemingly in an increasingly perilous spot. As the job market shifts — 47 to 54% of jobs will likely be lost to automation by 2030, or roughly 800 million jobs globally — higher ed also needs to reinvent itself to be more of a value-add in the modern age. Just a few […]