Hit the gym and develop your crisis muscle memory

Critical takeaways Individuals build muscle memory by conducting physical movements repeatedly. Organizations can do the same by practicing their crisis response frequently. Muscle memory applies equally to both good habits and inefficient workarounds so care needs to be taken that the muscles being developed are the right ones. Work with your team to practice and […]


“All-in” Bets Can Ruin Reputations

Critical Take-Aways All-in bets make for dramatic spectacles in poker, particularly when the player is risking everything on a bluff.  People who have made mistakes might also double down on their denials and counter-attacks: they go all-in on the cover-up.  This damages them more than the original charge when the truth comes out and drags […]

Kith CReD Snapshot

Kith CReD Snapshot: Is your team crisis ready?

We at Kith are excited to tell you about a new tool that we have developed to help organizations get a better handle on their own crisis readiness: the Kith CReD Snapshot (launched July 25, 2019). CReD stands for Crisis Readiness Diagnostic, but it also takes a cue from the slang word “cred,” which is […]

Strategic Risks: Balancing Friction And Convenience

Critical Takeaways Digital friction is the resistance created where additional steps are required for someone to start using a device or service. Companies strive to reduce friction and increase convenience but this can be at the expense of security and other benefits. These tradeoffs can create strategic risks and you have to be prepared to […]