Kith is a crisis communications and reputation management firm. We defend your organization against reputation disruption. Disruption resistance in crisis communications isn’t new. There’s the old way, where crisis plans were written and placed in a binder on the shelf, becoming outdated almost immediately or not used at all. A PR firm may be brought on during the crisis to help stop the bleeding, then disappear once business returned to normal.

But we know you deserve better.

We believe that planning takes precedence over the plan. We believe in a cross-functional approach to crisis planning that provides an enterprise-wide understanding of your organization’s risk landscape. We believe that wisdom paired with data-driven insights are the most valuable assets you can have on your side when you need it most.

Most importantly, we believe that you can avoid the impact of reputation disruption and achieve reputation excellence and get the credit your company deserves both in crisis and outside of crisis.


Kith developed a model to guide organizations called the Kith Model for Reputation Excellence for the first time reputation management can be manageable. By following this model, your company is able to get the credit it deserves and benefit of the doubt during critical moments.

In his textbook “Introduction to Public Relations,” author and veteran publicist Dave Hyatt defined public relations as “doing good and getting credit for it.” More than 60 years later times have obviously changed, however, “getting credit” is a great way of looking at reputation management. Companies today embark on public relations campaigns because, in addition to building their reputation, they want to get credit for the things they’re doing—whether it’s an innovative product, an admirable philanthropy effort or sophisticated solution to a global challenge. Companies rightly seek credit, or acknowledgement, from their key stakeholders for what they’re doing because they know that in this day and age, that credit can turn into a strategic asset.

Getting credit is even more crucial after a critical moment or when things go wrong. Following a crisis, you will need to rebuild your reputation. You can help guide your key stakeholders into giving you credit, thus beginning the rebuilding process and gaining the benefit of the doubt.

What we’ve found in over 20 years talking to CEOs and CMOs is that the notion of reputation management is often vague and hard to quantify into programs and tactics. Kith has clarified the murky waters of reputation and as a result created a new model that makes things clearer and helps CEOs and CMOs quantify reputation.