Change is hard: how to successfully make the switch from internal to external communications

Critical takeaways I previously wrote about the challenges for marketers taking over communications but making a switch from an internal to an external comms role is equally difficult. Communicators will actually be hampered by the similarity of the processes and procedures because these mask significant differences in the work itself. Communicators switching to an external […]

walks into a crisis

“A marketer walks into a crisis…”

Critical takeaways Many organizations prioritize branding over communications. This makes sense when driving market share but leaves them vulnerable in a crisis. Marketers are often asked to fill the crisis communications role but this requires a fundamental shift in mindset and changing their focus from brand and revenue to reputation. Marketers in this situation should […]

in charge

How they’re in charge is as important as who’s in charge

Critical takeaways Being brought into an organization to advise often creates tension with the incumbents. Consultants with an overbearing attitude will only alienate the incumbent more.   A positive, supportive attitude will drive greater engagement and commitment from the people you are supporting. Look at things from their perspective and act with compassion, thoughtfulness, and grace […]