Hit the gym and develop your crisis muscle memory

Critical takeaways Individuals build muscle memory by conducting physical movements repeatedly. Organizations can do the same by practicing their crisis response frequently. Muscle memory applies equally to both good habits and inefficient workarounds so care needs to be taken that the muscles being developed are the right ones. Work with your team to practice and […]


Is sleep your secret weapon in a crisis?

Critical takeaways Being properly rested is key to peak performance but this is often overlooked in a crisis. Rest in a natural disaster is of even greater importance when many of the responders themselves have also been affected by the situation. Schedule watch or duty periods to ensure that responders are properly rested so that […]


Authority: Granted and Earned

Critical Take-Aways Authority is required to see any initiative through in an organization whether that is leading crisis response or beginning the journey to reputation resilience. Authority is initially granted but then must be earned to see the initiative through.   Ensure you have the necessary permissions and granted authority in place at the outset and […]

sailboat knowing when to reef

When to reef: getting the balance right in a critical moment

Critical takeaways Reefing is a term in sailing for reducing the amount of sail exposed in a storm to help you maintain control of your boat. However, reefing too much may cause the vessel to stop moving altogether.  Businesses facing a critical moment need to ‘reef’ their activities to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the critical […]

new normal

After the Crisis: Adapting to your New Normal

Critical Takeaways Critical moments and crises transform organizations and that requires CEOs and executives to adapt to a new normal. This change takes time and requires a transition period while you simultaneously manage routine operations and the after-effects of the crisis. The key thing is to accept and embrace the new normal, not to ignore […]