reputation management councils

Webinar: Reputation Management Councils: A High Impact Approach

  Is your organization truly prepared to mitigate reputational risks? Organizations that meet regularly and create an enterprise-wide view of reputation impacting risks are much more effective at managing a crisis and can sometimes avoid them entirely. In this month’s on-demand webinar, Reputation Management Councils: A High Impact Approach to Crisis Readiness, Kith’s CEO Bill […]


Getting to the Point: The Value of Quick Start Simulations

Critical takeaways We are firm believers in the value of simulations to help develop crisis readiness and have recently found lighter, ‘Quick Start’ simulations to be a valuable tool for transformation. These are shorter-notice exercises resulting in a ‘come as you are’ assessment, not a ‘come as you would like to be’ performance. Quick Start […]


“All-in” Bets Can Ruin Reputations

Critical Take-Aways All-in bets make for dramatic spectacles in poker, particularly when the player is risking everything on a bluff.  People who have made mistakes might also double down on their denials and counter-attacks: they go all-in on the cover-up.  This damages them more than the original charge when the truth comes out and drags […]