fear busting

Communicators, Reputation Managers, …Fear Busters

Critical takeaway One of the first services Kith provides to any client is fear-busting: helping acknowledge and overcome their fears. Once fear is out of the way, we can all get to work on the real problem.   A typical call to Kith begins one of three ways.   “We just learned from our operations […]

Effective risk managers need good storytellers

Critical takeaways A large part of what we do at Kith involves reputation risk management but we often see Communications teams excluded from the risk management process. Communications is the only part of the business that can adequately share the risk story. They are also key to understanding what is taking place outside an organization. […]


Culture is king (as long as it’s a positive one)

Critical takeaways We firmly believe that the key differentiator in a crisis is speed which is a combination of well-understood core values and a clear chain of command. However, a negative or toxic culture can still lead to a speedy response which will only make matters worse. Focus on building a strong, positive culture first. […]