Kith CReD Snapshot

Kith CReD Snapshot: Is your team crisis ready?

We at Kith are excited to tell you about a new tool that we have developed to help organizations get a better handle on their own crisis readiness: the Kith CReD Snapshot (launched July 25, 2019). CReD stands for Crisis Readiness Diagnostic, but it also takes a cue from the slang word “cred,” which is […]

Krulak’s Law: Managing your frontline risks

Critical takeaways Organizations have to decentralize to be successful but this poses challenges and can create additional risks to the business. These risks can be reduced significantly by empowering, trusting and educating front-line employees. Front-line employees will have the majority of client-facing time so they must be considered in the comms strategy and be included […]

Grace: Can you have it in a crisis?

Critical takeaways Discussions around crisis usually employ metaphors for conflict but grace is also a powerful concept. The five elements of grace – generosity, respect, action, compassion, and energy – can guide our behavior in a crisis. Approaching a crisis with grace helps us maintain a values-driven, honorable path.   Very often, talk about crises […]