Filling your reservoir of goodwill

Critical takeaways Having a sound reputation and a reservoir of goodwill is critical to success in a crisis. Your reputation is built on authentic, positive behaviors over the long term, starting well before a crisis hits. Our Four As of Reputation Excellence and Seven Levers for Reputation Management will guide you as you develop your […]

Creativity or Authenticity in Crisis?

Critical takeaways Crises are always a mix of unfamiliarity because every situation is different, and familiarity because the fundamentals of an effective response are the same. Unfortunately, sticking to these fundamentals and taking a ‘traditional’ approach can make your response seem old fashioned and overly conventional, tempting you to become creative. Creativity can work in […]

Strategic Risks: Balancing Friction And Convenience

Critical Takeaways Digital friction is the resistance created where additional steps are required for someone to start using a device or service. Companies strive to reduce friction and increase convenience but this can be at the expense of security and other benefits. These tradeoffs can create strategic risks and you have to be prepared to […]