image of sign that says confidence

Confidence in Crisis: The Confident Communicator

Critical takeaways Communicators must be able to deliver advice and guidance with confidence in a critical moment. This can be hard when the situation is dynamic and changes rapidly. Confidence must be based on a shared level of preparedness and ability, rather than bravado which can mask a preparedness gap. A combination of preparation, adaptability, […]

The Keto Diet for Crisis Readiness

Critical takeaways Like our diets, we can take different approaches to how we prepare for crises. Many companies have a high-carb, ‘junk food’ approach to crisis preparedness which generates a short-term ‘sugar-high’ but little sustainable benefit. Unlike high-carb diets, a keto diet advocates a higher fat intake to help generate a long-term, sustainable supply of […]

Doing the right thing - ethical decisions

Doing The Right Thing: How to Make Ethical Decisions

Critical takeaways Knowing the right thing to do in the run up to or aftermath of a crisis can be difficult. A process for ethical decision-making is needed to overcome these challenges. Immanuel Kant’s philosophy – based on the four pillars of autonomy; the categorical imperative; ethical considerations; and symmetrical communications – provides an excellent […]

image of insurance policy

Crisis communications insurance policy: Are you covered?

Critical Takeaways Insurance is available to cover crisis communications support in a crisis. Check to see if you have this in place and understand what is covered. Establish a rapport with the providers before an event.   The simulation was going incredibly well. The data breach had been identified and the technical teams were responding. […]

speaking truth to power

Truth to power: A Communicator’s Obligation

Critical Takeaways CEOs need an honest view of the situation in order to be able to manage a crisis. This requires those who support them to ‘speak truth to power’. Crisis communicators are in a unique position to bring the external perspectives into the discussion. Communicators must learn to share their views with clarity, courage […]