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The problem with planning for a problem

Critical takeaways A shelf of plans in ‘white binders’ gives a false sense of security and can be worthless. A crisis plan is not a step-by-step guide for every possible eventuality but should lay out the basic procedures for managing a crisis and some standard steps to address crises by type. This generates valuable speed […]

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How CEOs can build a reputation premium through leadership and pressure

Critical Takeaways Reputation risk is becoming better understood and more explicitly linked to corporate value but CEOs still lack the requisite tools to manage this risk. Lessons learned from compliance in the 1990s / 2000s provide a roadmap for CEOs to build a culture that creates and values reputation. Reputation is built from the top […]


Crisis and the Speed of Trust

    Many of you will have seen the funny commercial series for an insurance provider with the tagline “Life comes at you fast.”  That always gets me thinking about the reaction that most people have when confronted with a critical moment. Suddenly, they are faced with a situation that impacts their organization’s ability to […]