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Are CEOs the weakest link in a crisis? They don’t have to be.

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review about CEOs and leadership found that 68% of CEOs weren’t fully prepared for the job.  One interviewee sums up the reason for this stark finding thus: “When you become the final decision maker, everything changes. It’s hard to train on this.” Despite this high figure, the CEOs […]

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During a CRISIS – Who needs to be in the room?

Who needs to be in the room when developing crisis response? ‘Is everyone here?’ It’s a pretty standard and innocuous question at the beginning of most meetings or conference calls but working out what we mean by ‘everyone’ during a crisis can be difficult.  Unlike a standard meeting, where there is a set schedule, agenda […]

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What it’s like to work with KITH

We are in the crisis business, which means we’re also in the business of risk evaluation and risk mitigation. Wouldn’t you love it if you could de-risk the hiring of a professional service provider — like a crisis and reputation management consultant? There’s a tremendous amount of unknowns in hiring a consultant. Most of you […]

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Embracing Social Media During a Crisis

“It’s blowing up on Twitter….” One of the phrases that I cringe at is ‘this is blowing up on Twitter’. I’ve been in a number of crisis situations where the person responsible for social media will run into the room, look at their iPhone, utter those fateful words and then disappear. However, as a crisis […]