UnObvious Influencers


Your Challenge: Getting traction with Influencers on Complex Issues

Finding “influential” voices on social media uses obvious metrics like number of followers or keywords.


How can you find respected voices on social media that are willing to understand your unique position, who will do or say something about it, and will do so authentically and at scale?


Solution: UnObvious Influencer Engagement

Find those influencers with extensive reach that aren’t on your competitors’ radar. Engage with your “unobvious influencers” that will move your agenda forward. They have an expressed interest in your issues and understand its complexities. You need to talk to them.


What are Unobvious Influencers ?

Today you need to go beyond the obvious targets. Whether you are growing market share, mind share for disruptive ideas or explaining you next move, you need targets that care, influence others and understand your “why.” We take your obvious targets ID’d on social media by keyword, volumetrics and sentiment, then refine and expand further using military intelligence-born network algorithms and analytics to unveil your new UnObvious Influencers.


How we do it:

  1. Uncover a set of realistic social media voices (Twi er and Instagram) that Kith has evaluated and ranked.
  2. Design a customized engagement process based your needs and capacity.
  3. Create dynamic assets (i.e. one-pagers, video, etc.)
  4. Engagement with outreach, education and information.


What you get in return:

  • List and map of fresh, authentic social media voices to educate and engage.
  • Influencer assets (i.e. fact sheets, video, suggested messages, etc.)
  • Ongoing strategic counsel and support.



Click here to download our UnObvious Influencer service one pager.