Your Challenge: You Want Your Internal Stakeholders Ready for Critical Moments   


Critical moments and crisis issues impact reputation more than any other event.

How can you prepare and train your team so they’re equipped to handle any reputational threat that comes their way?


Solution: Interactive Training Sessions or Keynote Speaking from Kith 

Bill Coletti, Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer 

Crisis Communications Reputation Management Expert Trainer Coach


Reputation management expert and Kith CEO Bill Coletti is available for speaking and training engagements. Bill specializes in making the intangible manageable. When leading companies experience critical moments where the failings of an under-developed reputation are revealed, Bill has empowered companies to do what they never thought was possible. As a keynote speaker or workshop provocateur, Bill’s data-driven and well-researched vision forces leaders to rethink what is possible and develop corporate reputation as a strategic asset.


“Bill’s level of experience was evident in his frank and insightful comments. Attendees were continuing to discuss some of his points in the weeks following the event.” – Lisa Maxwell, President, WCA


“Our attendees raved about Bill’s presentation. We hope to have more opportunities to work together in the future.” – Kyra Douglas, Senior Director, Global Regulatory Affairs, Plastics Industry Association


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Download Bill’s Speaker Kit here.


Critical Moments in Food Safety Communications: An Interactive Training Presentation



In a food safety crisis, every minute matters. You don’t have time for your communications and operations team to align to respond. That’s why you should take action now to ensure your teams know how to work together to respond quickly and effectively.


Crisis management expert Bill Coletti and food safety authority Dr. Michele Pfannenstiel will guide your teams through a hands-on, interactive training session that will drive alignment and open lines of communication. Through this dual-discipline training exercise, your communications and operations teams will form a mutual understanding that will equip them to respond to food safety crises like a well-oiled machine before a crisis strikes. During this training, your team will learn:

  • The secret to being prepared for hundreds of risks without having to create hundreds of crisis plans
  • Common barriers to effective inter-disciplinary communications, and how to overcome them
  • Ways to respond quickly, without angering your legal team


Download the Critical Moments in Food Safety Communications training brochure here, or contact us to book your training.