Reputation Management Council

Your Challenge: Managing the Intangible

Reputation is critical to your organization, however, managing that reputation is a challenge often complicated by “too many cooks in the kitchen.” How can you get perfected information about risks, their impacts, and plans to improve reputation in an organized and productive meeting?


Our Solution: Reputational Management Council

Create an agenda-driven cross-disciplinary Reputational Management Council to boost your organization’s preparedness for crises and streamline the response to issues.


What is a Reputation Management Council?

A Reputation Management Council with representatives from all disciplines creates mutual understanding of risks, and ensures the right issues get surfaced at the right time. We know that reputation is important to CEOs– many deem their company’s reputation as important as its profitability. Yet most organizations do not have a venue where critical thinking about reputation growth and risk can take place among key company leaders leading to faster response and rapid problem solving.


How we do it:

  1. Proprietary Reputation Management Council system and agenda for critical thinking and maximum efficiency
  2. Customized approach, unique to your organization and aligning with your Risk Framework analysis
  3. Facilitated Reputation Management Council


What you get in return:

  • A turn-key program to implement your own Reputation Management Council quickly and easily; or, fully-customized, hands-on consulting support to create and facilitate a dynamic Council.
  • Ongoing strategic counsel and support.

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