Kith Risk Framework


Your Challenge – Risk Planning

Comprehensive risk scenario planning is overwhelming, if not impossible.

How can you organize potential risks and reputation challenges in a clear and functional way?


Our Solution – Kith Risk Framework

Create a comprehensive Kith Risk Framework that will defend your organization against real and hidden threats. A streamlined system that organizes risk into 3 distinct categories — Strategic, Preventable and External — provides you with insights and a framework your whole organization can understand and execute upon.


What is the Kith Risk Framework?

We believe company leaders don’t plan for reputational threats the way they do for other business risks – but they should. Kith created a more logical typology adapted from a model used in the financial services industry to best manage and plan for reputational risks. With this model and Kith’s guidance, your organization is better prepared to meet and manage risk.


How we do it:

  • Analyze your known risks via traditional, online and social media.
  • Interview key operations and communications leaders to identify gaps
  • Investigate industry peers and competitors to identify issues/risks that have impacted their reputation.
  • Organize risks into an straight forward framework specific to your organization based on our findings and analyses.
  • Workshop findings to refine and determine responsibilities for issues response and mitigation.


What you get in return:

  1. Comprehensive analysis of risk
  2. Customized Kith Risk Framework matching your organization’s unique challenges
  3. Strategic recommendations for response messaging and accountability for all high impact risks
  4. Actionable next steps and Gap Analysis


Client Success Stories

Kith partnered with Cargill Meat Solutions to create a content platform for addressing key issues impacting their customers and the consumers. The platform initially anchored by quarterly webinars received very favorable responses from customers and generated earned media from the Wall Street Journal and leading trade publications.


Click here to download our Kith Risk Framework service one pager.