Crisis Readiness


Your Challenge: Getting Crisis Right

Critical moments and crisis issues impact reputation more than any other event.

How can you best prepare for and manage these events efficiently with the greatest positive impact on your organization?


Solution: Crisis Readiness

Crisis Readiness from Kith is real-time crisis management and/or crisis simulation training to help companies large and small navigate and mitigate threats to their reputation.

What is Crisis Readiness?

Depending on your unique needs, Kith is able to offer a wide array of Crisis Readiness services.

  • Simulation Training: By simulating crises before they happen, you can be confident your team is prepared for whatever may come.
  • Planning: We have helped organizations prepare for critical moments by creating functional, clear and accessible crisis communications plans.
  • Response: Our team of experts in corporate communications deliver sharp insights and smart next steps in your critical moments with clarity and experience.



What you get in return:

  1. Simulations and professional development led by a tested crisis expert and skilled coach
  2. Global Fortune 500 experience and credentials
  3. Realistic blend of online and offline interaction
  4. Measurable results with actionable gap analysis
  5. If applicable: a comprehensive crisis plan


Client Success Stories

Our team has hosted Crisis Simulations and delivered crisis counsel for AT&T, Home Depot, American Express, Cargill and Target Corporation.