Critical Moments: The New Mindset of Reputation Management

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A company owns its brand; the public owns its reputation. The words of communities, customers, and critics can help or harm your business’s standing with the public. While not all crises can be avoided, your company’s reputation can be managed with an empowering, strategic framework designed to proactively maintain your image before disaster occurs.


In Critical Moments, Kith CEO Bill Coletti reveals how you can build reputational excellence through meeting the needs and expectations of the public. He takes you step-by-step through his Four A’s—Awareness, Assessment, Authority, and Action—that will help you develop your company’s situational understanding, research agenda, operational risks, and action plan to recover and grow your reputation.


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eBook: A New Framework for Crisis Planning in the Food & Agriculture Industry

In his eBook, “A New Framework for Crisis Planning in the Food and Agriculture Industry,” Kith CEO Bill Coletti introduces a new framework for managing reputational risk. Adopting a model used in the financial sector for risk planning, Bill places reputational risks into three categories: preventable, strategic and external. Bill also explores how to respond to and manage each type of risk situation successfully. The new model helps companies not only manage reputational risks, but also align critical issues facing their businesses.

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Discussion Guide: 8 Steps to Your Best Crisis Debrief

An 8-step discussion guide to help you and your teams better understand, evaluate, and learn from crisis case studies.


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