IARC and Carcinogens: Why Knowing Your Critics Matters

By Bill Coletti, CEO, Kith


Critical Takeaways:

  • Every business and organizations have critics, and it is not a matter of if but when they will attack
  • Knowing your critics and engaging with them is crucial to the success of your business


IARC carcinogens

Last week the International Agency for Research on Cancer declared red meat and processed meats as carcinogens, alongside air and aloe vera. This news sent cattle futures reeling and set Twitter ablaze.


But if you aren’t in the meat business then why does that matter to you?


Because you could be next – your product, industry, or organization – could be on the receiving end of public and vocal criticism.


Maybe not the IARC and maybe a different accusation of your product, but all businesses are subject to critics.


When it comes to critics, it isn’t a question of whether critics will target you, your product, or your industry – it’s a question of when and what form it will take.


Regardless of your industry, geography, product, or company, everyone has critics. Those critics come in different shapes and sizes, sometimes they are predictable, and sometimes they catch you off guard.


One way to prepare is by engaging critics to better understand their expectations. Do you know who your critics are and what their expectations are for you?


Your decision point is whether you will be ready when critics decide to play ball or whether you will be caught unprepared, leaving your organization in disarray, filled with uncertainty as to who will respond and how to do so effectively while critics drive a narrative, unchecked.


Critics – we all have them.


How will you engage them in a smart and proactive way?


Let’s talk about it together.

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